ROOTED in Christ, in Students, in Community

paigewilke submitted: Several years ago, a campus-wide study on diversity at Biola was conducted by several faculty across multiple disciplines. Some of the findings from their study resulted in a description of the "campus climate" at Biola. The following are six of the things they found that I feel still exist today. Are you committed to changing this?
1. Ignorant and offensive remarks from White students on campus and in class.
2. An overall narrow-mindedness and judgmental attitude among many White students on campus.
3. The difficulty of talking about racial and cultural issues at Biola.
4. The difficulty of fitting in socially.
5. A lack of diversity of perspectives on the part of the faculty.
6. The lack of diversity in Chapel.

Thank you for this question, as it has been a prevalent topic on campus for many years. To answer your question simply: YES. Kevin and I see the need for positive diversity, and we are prepared to welcome those conversations. Kevin and I will partner with Residence Life and Student Development so that the leaders on campus are aware of the “campus climate” and can be the change that Biola is desperately seeking. While we cannot change the opinions of every student, we can be the positive influence and voice for racial and cultural issues. The students of Biola have definitely observed the lack of diversity within chapels, and so those conversations are currently taking place, and we are excited to continue those conversations. We want to see our university grow as the students are growing! We commit to these discussions. 

Thanks again for your question!

Kelsey Seitz